About Us

We are operations-focused private equity investors.

Exium Partners is a private equity and management consulting firm that invests in healthy businesses with strong growth potential. We are motivated by a desire to build the fundamental value of our portfolio companies. We look for businesses that we can study, understand, invest in, and support over time – we are not looking for “deals,” quick resale opportunities, or liquidation plays.

Our approach involves investing our own capital, forming strong relationships with business partners and management teams, leveraging our own time, expertise and relationships to support company growth, applying deep analytical rigor to our decision making, and acting with integrity.

We focus on lower middle-market companies located in the United States and Canada, typically resulting in transaction sizes of $20 million to $200 million. We believe that companies of this size are particularly well positioned to benefit from our operational approach.

Exium’s partners have operating experience in high growth technology companies, expertise in private equity and venture capital investing, and a track record of executing successful merger and acquisition transactions.

  • - Change of control
  • - Recapitalizations
  • - Corporate spin-outs
  • - Public-to-Private
  • - Management consulting

How We Structure Transactions

Company of interest

Valuation based on financials, growth, people, and more

Exium Partners

One partner typically leads each transaction

Financial Partners

Depending on the transaction size, we may add debt or equity partners as well, though we do not highly leverage transactions